The Writer’s Voice: An Unconventional Definition

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A writer’s voice is that often intangible yet unmistakable something that defines the author’s work. Like literary DNA, it is as unique and complex as a fingerprint. Syntax, diction, dialog, and punctuation are combined with characterization techniques, scene delivery, and other stylistic elements and then distilled into an elixir that lets us see the world through the writer’s eyes.

But there is more to it than that.

The way a writer uses words to shape a story is only the tip of the iceberg. The true essence of a writer’s voice lies far beneath the surface. It is less craft and more courage – less ink and more blood. The text on the page is nothing more than the corporeal manifestation of the very spirit that drives the writer to write. The true voice of a writer is the nameless fire that burns inside, turning up the heat, licking at…

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Inequality and Development in Nigeria

Rebecca's thoughts on Development

ImageImageIn 2011, it was reported that 80% of the world’s wealth was in the hands of 20% of the richest population. In many developing countries inequality remains on the rise even as the population of absolute poverty declines.  More broadly, comparative studies by the IMF, UNDP, UNICEF and the World Bank shows that inequality is detrimental to development and sustainable economy growth thereby, having a direct negative impact for long-term poverty reduction.

Sometime in September 2012, one of Africa’s wealthiest men Aliko Dangote, caused an upset uproar with the announcement that he was offering to pay graduates willing to drive trucks half a million Nigerian Naira monthly. Qualifications for this driving position included requirement of HND, OND, and BSC; meanwhile the average truck driver in Nigeria earns between N40,000- N120,000 monthly depending on experience. As expected thousands of applications poured in and to the amazement of many, a PHD holder…

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