Ukrainian lady calls for ban on gays in police after husband falls for male officer

A man from a Ukrainian city apparently got so

fed up with arguing with his wife that when a gay police officer appeared at their door, he decided it was time to try batting for the other team. The wife filed a petition to ban homosexuals from the


“I went through two weeks of hell trying to get my husband back, but all I got was a fine for making threats to that gay officer,” the petition text stated.

“People should be aware that when calling the police, they run the risk of losing a husband,” the woman warned. “Gay policemen in our city should be banned,” she added.

“It is well known in gay circles” that there are at least two gay men and one lesbian in the Ivano-Frankovsk police, the woman also noted.

The unfortunate wife from the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankovsk filed the petition against LGBT people working in law enforcement after her husband apparently left her for a gay police

officer. The woman had called the police during a domestic fight and the officer responding to the incident was gay.

The call to ban gays from working in the police was published on Saturday and has collected five signatures so far, which isn’t as few as it sounds, considering it needs only 245 signatures by the end of June to be reviewed by local authorities.

Just recently Ruslan Martsinkiv, mayor of Ivano- Frankovsk, made a public statement saying that homosexuals lack patriotic feelings, and urged Ukraine to keep in mind “traditional values” as it

heads towards European integration.

Culled from rt


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